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Information about your surf lesson

30 minutes before your scheduled lesson we meet at our office at 381 Mainstreet.

Here you will sign a waiver & get geared up!

Please arrive in swim gear for time efficiency. We supply you with wetsuits and surfboards.


You will need to pay for your booking in advance, we will email you an invoice to pay online (processed by Square).

All our lessons start with a quick demonstration…

All our lessons start with a quick demonstration by our instructor to show you which waves to catch and how to maneuver your board safely in the water.

Now it's time for you to get active by learning the different paddle technics and your pop ups after our 4 step secret recipe.

No worries, we will keep the introduction on the sand short and simple.

You will have the most time in the water to practice your techniques.

In the water our instructor will be going around to each student individually.

Our instructors will always be close by for any questions or help in the water.

Small student to teacher ratios

Our small student to teacher ratio, typically of 5:1, gives you lots of personalised attention, and the most time in the water.

How do we get to the beach?

From our office we drive to the beach as a group together. You will use your own vehicle to drive to the beach. Please let us know in advance if you don't have a car.

We will go as one line of cars so no one needs to worry about getting lost. It's a good idea to park in our parking lot off of Campbell St.

What happen's after the lesson?

After your lesson you just leave the wetsuits and surfboards with your instructor—no need to return to the Tofino Surf School.

Our motto

Personalized, fun lessons with experienced instructors.

Stoked to get you surfing!

What to bring

During your lesson

  • Your stoke and sunscreen :)

Before and after your lesson

  • Towel

  • Warm clothes for after the lesson

  • Water bottle

  • Small snack

  • Any necessary medications: epi-pen, inhaler, etc…

  • Parent or guardian - if you have not reached the age of majority to sign your waiver.

For more tips on what to bring, types of swimsuit, etc; also see 'What should I bring?' on our Questions page.

Booking with us is easy

Booking with us is easy. Just fill in the booking enquiry form and we'll be in touch to confirm details.

See info on lesson times and on family bookings, and see our Questions page for more info.

Have a question about a booking enquiry we've not covered? Contact us.

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